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Ali Omidinia

Ali Omidinia is active in commercial fields inside and outside the country, who has been able to go through many ups and downs during his career. With a brilliant work history in the field of export and branding, he has been able to act as a successful manager and founder. In 1400, using his experiences in various fields of the financial market and relying on the expert team, he founded the School of Economics. During his activity in the school of economics as a manager and lecturer, he presented the idea of a targeted and personalized online education system based on data analysis and artificial intelligence to the growth center of Isfahan University, which was approved and welcomed. He is the author and translator of several books on finance. Maybe some people believe that they only need to have strong financial support to achieve success; While Ali Omidinia, without any support and relying on his abilities, was able to turn the desires he was looking for into reality with proper business management. He is always trying to make a small contribution to improving the lives of those around him and others by focusing on education and publication.

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Professional records of Ali Omidinia

• Professional doctorate in economics

• MBA market analysis

• IBMI financial management diploma

• CEO of Omid Nations Economic Development Company

• Former CEO of Saman Export Company

• Owner of Ebert dry fruit brand

• Owner of Vimore security systems brand

• Translator of the book Basics of International Trade

• Translator of the Tortoise Path book

• The author of the book deal with study

• Lecturer of fundamental analysis and financial behavior

• Designer of start-up business systems
• Global financial market analyst and trader


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How is the course held?

The course is held completely offline.

What kind of people is the trading psychology course suitable for?

Suitable for people who have no control over their emotions and all people who are active in financial markets at any level.

What is the purpose of this course?

Realizing the importance of psychology and the structure of the mind when trading and achieving self-awareness and self-management

Why is it important to understand trading psychology skills?

This is because it is possible to earn more profit from the market in the long run.

Are there any special age requirements to participate in the courses?

Attendance of people 18 years and older without age limit

For people who do not have a lot of financial resources to invest, what are the benefits and uses of economics education?

In the first step, preserving the value of money is more important than profit or loss, and in the end, without education and information, you may lose the same small capital.

Is it possible to download the sessions of the courses?

No there is no such possibility. After purchasing the course, you can only view it online.

Why are your course fees calculated in dollars?

According to the inflation in the country and price fluctuations, the tuition fee is calculated in Tether form.